Monday, February 2, 2009

The SS Galaxy

"One of the first places I visited," Kathy said, "was the SS Galaxy. I had read about the ship in a book about famous locations on the gridd, and boarded her when I did not yet fully understand concepts such as camera controls, the size of a sim, waiting for objects to rez, lag, and so forth. It was simultaneously a wonderous and frustrating experience.

It occurred to me (she continued), to revisit the Galaxy and see whether it still held its charms to a jaded traveler. The ship extends through three sims - a size such that a normal graphics card can't keep everything drawn at once. The first two photographs show the exterior of the ship; the tiny figure near the entrance doors - moi - gives some perspective as to the size.

Below, the lobby of the ship contains a model.

The ship contains many of the usual cruise ship amenities, including a spa, restaurant, art gallery, shopping, and many, many rooms:

In an amusing twist, the lobby contains a virtual cruise sales agent, who can assist in helping one's typist book a cruise on the seas of "real life." I'll admit I was too afraid to try out that service - zombies, yes, sales agents, no.
Oh yes, I forgot possibly the most important part of a cruise ship, beyond ample lifeboat capacity: the bar! The Galaxy doesn't stint on that, either!

Of course, one downside of a three-sim cruise ship is that there isn't any place to cruise (although perhaps relocating the ship to Blake's Sea would help), so the Galaxy appears to be permanently moored. Ah well. It was nice to see that something I encountered a year or more ago is still going strong.

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