Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The (Not-So) Secret Headquarters of the Caledon Catgirl Brigade

Caledon has the blessing, or curse, should one see it that way, of being infested overrun fecund with catgirls of all sizes, shapes, and colors. As rumor has it that an Important Government Official (or, should I say, initially, a Distinguished Sir) finds pleasure in the company of said catgirls, perhaps the number of such ladies is more than mere happenstance.

In any event, I had been attempting to track them to their lair for some time when I uncovered a Clue. (One might argue that, far from uncovering a Clue, said Clue hit me in the head.) At last! I cried, I have found their secret headquarters!

Once encountered, the Brigade's headquarters leaves no ambiguity regarding its purpose:

Nor is the identity of their benefactor a mystery:

The place appeared to be deserted, but, taking no chances, I crept in slowly. The interior had several shrines to the feline:

The massive hull opens to allow a quick aerial getaway:

I arrived the day after an aerial demonstration of sorts, and evidence of the route was still there:

I even took advantage of an RFL kiosk to purchase a new aircraft:

Now if only the catgirls wouldn't act so crazy when strung out on catnip...

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