Sunday, November 16, 2008

Apocolyptica: I have Seen the Future, and It is Empty

Kathy paid a visit to the post-apocolyptic city of Apocolyptica. As usual with these visions of the future, it was dark and run down.

Intimations of Strange Science were to be found, but one gathered the impression that the denizens were more interested in trying to kill one another than develop, say, central heating.

Proper waste-disposal techniques were a thing of the past, too.

Fortunately, some things remained constant. Such as the bar. Hey, can't a girl get a drink around here?

As there was no one around, Kathy felt free to help herself. Perhaps she helped herself a little too freely.

The most striking fact about Apocolyptica was how empty it was. Every once in a while some hard-looking biker chick would roar past me on a motorcycle with studded tires, her spiked leather bracelets clinking together and her latex bodysuit glistening in the streetlights, but, by and large, Kathy had the place to herself.
Of course, this highlights one of the problems of using the Grid for combat role-playing: too many people and lag renders the sim useless; too few and there is no one to fight.
One of Kathy's mottos is: "make love, not yet another post-apocolyptic combat simulation." Then again, areas of the Grid that focus on the making love part of the motto have their own problems. She promises to cover that another day.

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