Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Visit to Cymru

Never before had I explored the Duchy of Cymru, owned by the mysterious and powerful Duke of Cymru, Viderian Vollmar. With some trepidation, I approached the gate.

Not all indications were favorable. Some may take the presence of a large anti-aircraft gun to be a sign of unfriendliness, but I pushed on.

The castle affords a magnificent view of the new Oxbridge University.

The outside of the castle is imposing, yet the gate was down. I took that as an invitation.

Inside, unlike most castles, much has been left in its natural state. Here, a large cavern hosts a waterfall.

Who knows what transpires in these caverns?

The parapets hold a commanding view of the interior of the castle walls, as well as outside the castle.

Here is the Duke's private residence. Having no request for an audience, I made a retreat outside the castle walls.

Below, a fountain is bathed in etherial light.

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