Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Rezday, Kathy Jameson!

A very happy rezday to my sister, Kathy, who came into this world one year ago today.

When we were young girls, Kathy, as the older one, always looked out for me. We lost our mother when I was but an infant, and our father when I was ten. We stayed with our aunt and uncle from that point, both leaving at the earliest opportunity. Without Kathy, my stay there would have been more unpleasant.

Turning to happier thoughts, I made the journey to Caledon a little before Kathy, but my pleasure in finding new friends in this fair land was increased when my oldest friend joined me. Although I give her no end of grief in this Journal - I keep expecting her to start her own Journal, just to have equal opportunity to tease me - she knows my true feelings.

Many happy returns, Sister!

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