Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prom Night

Autumn Prom night at the Bashful Peacock, in Wellsian. An evening of dancing under the stars...and on the stars!

Below, Miss Lynn Silverstar (in white), Radio Riel Presenter Miss Soliel Snook, and Baronness Bauerhoff, Abigail Raymaker.

Our Host, Mr. Rudolfo Woodget, Mr. Jayleden Miles, and Her Grace, Gabrielle Riel. (I don't know why Her Grace seemed to be pouting, as things were going swimmingly.)

Miss Bamika Easterman and Miss Silverstar share a dance.

Miss Emilly Orr, Radio Riel Host, to the left, with me in the background.


A group shot.

Miss Circe Skytower and Miss Kerrie Miles.

Mr. Jayleden Miles and Mr. Jameson Despres.

Baronness Bauerhoff dancing with Mrs. Alexx McLaglen Warburton, illustrating why same-sex couples were frowned upon in the nineteenth century - too much material occupying too little space.

Because I have a huge ego, and it's my Journal, moi again.

Mr. Woodget dancing with Mr. Austin "Red" Sustanti. Louie, I thin this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Miss Snook and Miss Riel.

The air fills with smoke. The dancing does not even slow down.

Dancing upon the field of blue stars.

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