Saturday, November 29, 2008

Old Fort St. Edmunds

After a delicious dinner to give thanks for all my blessings (a tradition from the Colonies, and a lovely tradition it is), consisting of roasted duckling, acorn squash, and cornbread, I was in dire need of a stroll to work off a few of the extra calories consumed.

Walking down the path in front of my cottage, I soon came to the ruins of Old Fort St. Edmunds:

As the plaque on the fort reads, "It once was the duty of this small fort to defend against raiders and pirates that may threaten the great Independent State of Caledon until it was replaced by the more formidable Caledon Downs Clock Tower. Now the ruins serve as a park for all."

I sat on the bench, enjoying the quietude after a busy day. I was reminded of the sacrifices of the early settlers of Caledon, who, though small in numbers, protected the land from those who would take by force what they could not conquer through persuasion. I added those brave souls to my list to whom to give thanks.

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