Friday, November 21, 2008

Mont Saint-Michael - one and two

Mont Saint-Michel is an ancient fortress and abbey in Normandy. The imposing structure is connected to the mainland by a causeway, and lies roughly a mile off the coast.

Miss Bamika Easterman suggested that this sim was worth a visit, and indeed it is a fine replica of the original fortress.

The sheer size makes it difficult to capture in a photograph - or in person.

I liked the texture of the causeway below and to the left of the abbey.

Of course, it replicates the modern fortress, as indicated by the car park. Ah well.

But I was actually a little confused when I arrived, as my memory told me I had already visited the sim many months ago. After a little searching, I realized my mistake: there are two versions of the fortress, and this one is the one I had been to previously. It was created by YadNi Monde, of Paris 1900 and YadNi's Junkyard fame.

Both are worth a visit.

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