Thursday, November 13, 2008

Polite Discourse is Timeless

My typist has the privilege of supervising some Young People who toil as Research Analysts for a government agency. "Privilege" is meant quite seriously, as these Young People tend to be smart, hard-working individuals who toil at relatively low pay, in the hope of developing skills far beyond mine and achieving greater things in the future. Although I generally have a dour attitude toward the future, in large part because Young People lack Manners and proper Respect for their Elders, these gentle folk give me hope for the future.


One particular gentleman lacks the good sense to know how to operate in the business world. This requires no special training, in my humble opinion; merely polite discourse, treating people the way one would like to be treated one's self, putting in an honest day's work, and respecting one's colleagues. This gentleman, while outwardly cordial, believes that it is appropriate to send the most scathing invectives to those far above Your Humble Servant's typist in the hierarchy. I fail to see how this is career-enhancing behavior, much less sensible.

But the last laugh may be on the gentleman, for he has unleashed his latest round of invective despite knowing that a promotion is on the line. (Indeed, this behavior seems to antithetical to self-interest that I wonder if the young man has a mental disturbance.) It would not be a stretch to say that his behavior does not serve him well in his endeavor.

Polite cannot be so horribly difficult, can it?

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