Sunday, November 9, 2008

Atlantis Rising

The Guv noted that Atlantis Rising had, well, risen. West of Caledon Prime lies Caledon Westmoreland, and west of Westmoreland is Atlantis Rising.

At prsent, the only structure on the island is the large public building.

The building has an impressive entranceway, complete with a sculpture of crystals that arc electricity. One has to wonder if that sort of careless use of technology wasn't what did in Atlantis originally.
More opulence inside.
From the land descriptions, both Westmoreland and Atlantis Rising are owned by something called the Atlantis Estate, and both are looking for tenants. One has to have a little confidence that Atlantis has learned from past mistakes, or one might find unexpectedly that one's mountain hideout has become beach property, and that one's beach property has become the basis for a new coral reef.

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