Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Grand Tour, Day One

Miss Fogwoman Gray outdid herself, organizing balls on multiple continents, held sequentially over two days. I was out of town, so Kathy did the photographic honors.

The first event was a toga party at Colonia Nova at the unholy hour (for Kathy, at least) of 4am SLT. Below are two pictures of the celebration at New Toulouse, which started at 6am.

Kathy missed the Wyre Ball in Orcadia (8am), but was back in time to take several pictures of the White Queen Ball in Victoriana (10am):

Next stop: Neufriestadt (noon).

At 2pm, Winterfell held a medieval and Renaissance-themed Winter Dance. Kathy made it to the dance, but photographic evidence is lacking because she kept crashing.

The Caledonian Duchy of Carntaigh held a Tulips in the Snow Ball at 4pm. This was to be Carntaigh's last event - a victim of the Openspace controversy - and Her Grace outdid herself. First, participants mingled and chose dance partners.

Mr. O'Toole honored Kathy by asking her to dance. (So stop grumbling about having to don formal clothes, sister!) Mr. O'Toole clearly spent time learning his way around a dance floor, and, as a gentleman, refrained from commenting on the number of times his feet were stepped upon.

Sir JJ Drinkwater, resplendent in his Caledon tartan kilt.

Mr. Neiro also asked Kathy to dance, so they took a spin around the snow-filled courtyard to the sounds of classical music.

Mr. Scaggs stands amonst the tulips.

Although the day continues with balls in New Babbage, Steeltopia, and the Duchy of Argylle, Kathy rested her tired feet for the night.


Kira said...

Actually, that last picture is of Mordecai Scaggs, not Mr. Podruly Peccable.

Rhianon Jameson said...

*slaps hand to forehead*

It most certainly is, Miss Kelley, and thank you for pointing that out. I certainly know better - put it down to typing while tired. I apologize to both Mr. Peccable and Mr. Scaggs for the confusion (now corrected).