Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Space Pirates of Penzance

Ah, Penzance! The thee-tah, the thee-tah! Home of style, pizzaz, a little gaiety, so to speak (any and all puns intended).

I had last travelled through Penzance for Miss Poppy's Fashion Show, and the town's second anniversary celebration seemed like an ideal time to return. Some buildings were new, such as the Steelhead embassy.

Others were like old friends.

Still, some changes were hard to miss, such as the giant Mole Machine, digging its way to the center of the earth (and making quite a mess in the process).

Or the spider-like space pods shooting laser beams and starting fires. Definitely not there last time I paid a call!

Professor Sputnik captured one. It appears to be smoking a cigarette, which could be what ruined its health. Remember, boys and girls, smoking kills.

The Gaiety Theater still stands, awaiting the next theatrical production.

Last, but not least, Penzance is connected by bridge to the Duchy of Argylle, where Lord Edward and Lady Christine have provided a swimming platform, so one can cool off after a stroll through Penzance!

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