Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mr. Vivito Volare's Rez Day

I popped in on Mr. Vivito Volare's Rez Day party in Steam Sky City on Sunday. Held on the landing strip atop the city, the dancing was well underway when I arrived.

Below, clockwise from the lower left, we have: Mr. Sascha Vayandar, Mr. Volare, Mr. Touma Yoshikawa, Miss Magdalena Kamenev (ably manning (or womaning) the sound system), Mr. Alastair Whybrow, Mr. Thadicus Caligari, Miss Katrina Pugilist, and Your Humble Narrator.

Miss Fogwoman Gray and Mr. Marion Questi "cutting a rug."

Clockwise from left: Mr. Vayandar, Mr. Volare, Mr. Yoshikawa, Mr. Roberto Viking, Miss Kamenev.

Mr. Yoshikawa, Mr. Viking, Miss Kamenev, Miss Pugilist, Mr. Caligari.

Mr. Volare (left, in background), Mr. Yoshikawa, Mr. Caligari, Miss Pugilist, Mr. Viking, Miss Kamenev, Mr. Whybrow.

The birthday boy, Mr. Volare, turns two, and is about to execute a daring dance move.

Mr. Aberdon Enigma and Miss Fauve Aeon.

YHN, Miss Gray, Mr. Questi, Mr. Vayandar.

Moi, appearing quite spastic.

Many happy returns, Mr. Volare!

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