Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Paris in the Fall, or, The Fall of Paris

I had heard of the City of Lights, but had never been there. As others have noted, I was rapidly losing my opportunity to visit. Paris 1900, here I come!

I started in a Metro station, but quickly ascended into the city. There I was, the famed Moulin Rouge!

I fortified myself with a pastry and a glass of wine at the Cafe des Artistes...

...then saw the elephant...

...and the inside of the theater.

Of course, no trip to Paris would be complete without seeing Mr. Eiffel's new Tower, so high that I could show only the smallest part of it in my camera.

As other Journals have commented, the Paris 1900 sims are closing imminently. A sign outside the Metro station from owner YadNi Monde says that he has had offers from others to purchase the sims and keep them going, but the offers have been insufficient, and Mr. Monde prefers to see the whole thing disappear. Still, his feelings for his creation are summarized below:

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