Friday, May 15, 2009

Air Kraken Attack!

Every Caledonian has a duty to defend the nation to the best of her ability. When I heard of air kraken maurading the skies over Lovelace Liberty, I offered my services to dispatch as many as I could, as Lord Primbroke and others.

I patrolled the skies in the Hangover One. The first night, I engaged several of the kraken, but, armed only with the Ordinal Clock-Winding Pistol, I was unable to inflict sufficient damage on the creatures, and fell back. The second night, I saw no kraken despite an extensive search in and around the cloud layer.

The third night saw me armed with a shotgun and as much ammunition as the airship could hold.

I saw one of the beasts at a distance. Sporting or not, I raised the shotgun, hoping to get off several rounds before it noticed me.

Too late! The creature turned and started its attack.

My gun blazed again and again, creating fire in the sky.

Eventually, enough rounds penetrated the beast's skin, and the kraken expired - only to have another take its place.

After sending several more to their Maker, I called it an evening, leaving for others the continuing task of clearing the skies for our airships.

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