Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spiritualism Exhibit and Library

The Whitehorn Memorial Library, in Victoria City, is hosting an exhibit on Spiritualism, curated by Miss Mica Braun, and on display through July 30.

The exhibit introduction says

Spiritualism is looked on variously as a science, a philosophy and a religion: a science that attempts to investigate, analyze and classify facts and manifestations of spirits; a philosophy that studies what it defines as Laws of Nature, both of the seen and the unseen sides of life and bases its conclusions upon observation; and a religion for its striving to understand and comply with physical, mental and spiritual laws that govern the human condition. Covering such topics as mediumship, spirit photography and séances, this exhibit considers Spiritualism as a complex subject, from its distinctly Victorian flourishing in the lives of such eminent 19th c figures as Arthur Conan Doyle and WB Yeats, to its continuing popularity today.

The exhibit follows the usual format of explanatory note cards associated with a dozen or so wall panels, on two floors - it's not obvious that the exhibit continues on the second floor, so don't miss it! - on such subjects as mediums, seances, spirit photography, famous spiritualists, debunking spiritualism, and spiritualism as a religion.

At the same time the exhibit opened, the newest branch of the Caledon library system opened:

The HP Blavatsky Memorial Branch of the Caledon Library is curated by Miss Aevalle Galicia and currently contains more than 250 objects related to spiritualism and the paranormal.

Along with the library itself, there is a lovely meditation area and a garden maze.

Whether a skeptic or believer, the exhibit is worth a stop, and the library is a visual treat.

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