Friday, May 8, 2009

The Temporary Home of the Steampunk Resource Centre

The Steampunk Resource Centre, managed by Miss Sea Beaumont and her partner, Miss Molly Lundquist, has closed for remodeling. In its place, at least temporarily, is a smaller Centre that hovers over the old location.

The temporary location has many of the free Steampunk goods, links to Steampunk-themed SL locations, and Steampunk-y moving pictures on the YouTubes.

In between the crackling of the Tesla generators, one can see Professor Swindlehurst's airship moored over Caledon Downs, as well as the Kintyre lighthouse.

All in all, an airship is not a bad location for a place dedicated to teaching of Steampunk.


Nocti Heliosense said...

I had read previously about the planned remodeling of the Resource Centere and I am eager to see what form the new version will take. I admit that I will miss the old one for a while. I loved the cafe on the top floor.

Rhianon Jameson said...

Indeed, the cafe was my favorite spot for caffeine!