Tuesday, May 26, 2009

St. Patrick's Fete for RFL

Magellan Kinvara held a fete to benefit RFL. I had never attended a village fete before, though I had read about a number of them in the works of Miss Agatha Christie, Miss Connie Willis, Miss Dorothy Sayers, and others. Although I had but a few moments, I popped in on the event.

At one end, Irish dancing was underway, though, as Sesame Street used to sing, "One of these things is not like the others..."

Miss Madeline Tiratzu, Miss Zarya Velinov, Mr. Roy Smashcan, and Miss Elspeth Woolley dance a jig

Clockwise from bottom left: Miss Minako Masala, Miss Annie Deutsch, Miss Caladon Rae, and moi.

I speak with Mr. Onyx Plutonian.

The Guarda was present, in the form of Miss Rae and Mr. Plutonian, ensuring a peaceful time was had by all. After chatting with some friends, old and new, I perused the RFL vendors. Individuals had donated gently used clothing or furniture to be resold for the benefit of RFL. I purchased a pair of frocks, because I simply cannot help myself and it is for a good cause, as I told myself.

Then it was off to the next event...

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