Tuesday, May 5, 2009

King Tut Exhibit

The clever Rezzable people have created an exhibit on King Tut that is a great deal of fun. The tour starts with four audio clips of background information, discussing Creation, Geography and History, the Valley of the Kings, and King Tut and Politics.

Other audio links are scattered throughout. The first stop is Howard Carter's camp in front of the tomb.

Descending into the tomb, one sees various offerings to the gods, and the intricate wall paintings.

Another area shows treasures from the tomb.

For some reason, this oddly-dressed person seemed to know but one word: "Bimbo." Lady, I have nothing against blue-skinned people - some of my best friends have blue skin - but the underwater mask, the fuzzy pink boa with matching purse, the pom-pom, the beret, and last, but not least, the bag with the little dog in it, give you no right to provide a critique on anyone else.

The tour ends, as all tours do, in the gift shop. This one is an open-air shop, and has a variety of goods, from Egyptian skins to Egyptian-themed clothing, to a mummified cat, to jewelry.


Astrofiammante said...

Thanks for this - it's taken me a while to get there, but it really does raise the bar for what virtual worlds might do, I felt - perhaps exactly what Rezzable set out to demonstrate.

It seems to be a magnet for peculiar souls. While I was listening to the general audio at the beginning, a stark-naked and rather alarmingly-accessorised newbie appeared (if you catch my drift). Muting swiftly won some peace from him and his priapic attachments - but he proceeded to try to follow various female avatars around for some half an hour, with no success whatsoever.

There are none so blind as those who will not look around them...

Rhianon Jameson said...

"Alarmingly accessorised"? Doubtless this means a fuschia-on-white striped shirt with a lime green diagonally-striped tie. I quite agree: horrible. :)