Friday, May 22, 2009

I Visit the East Avaria Company

The latest contact between Caledon and Other Civilizations involves the Avarian continent, ushering in, says the Guvnah, "a new era in trade, technology, and discovery". As detailed more thoroughly in the Forums, it appears that Caledonian explorers discovered a new continent - a large island, really - of rugged, desert-like conditions, as well as a variety of native inhabitants. The Guvnah chartered the East Avaria Company in order to coordinate trade between our nations.

Those wishing to collect various raw materials - minerals, fungi, animal fur, herbs, and such - are urged to start in Oxbridge at this ordinary-looking lamp post:

The lamp post summons a steam-powered barrel to transport one high above Oxbridge... where two ships are docked: the Caledonian Royal Factory Ship Endeavor...

...and the Avarian airship the Leviathan:

The Avarian representatives certainly look friendly, if not entirely human:
These gentlemen (?) are interested in selling a set of expedition tools for a modest sum, and appear ready to take items in trade. They also have some useful information at hand for those looking to convert raw materials into intermediate goods and, finally, finished goods.

Over on the Endeavor, I study the anatomy of a mechanical man.

The East Avaria Company has an office nearby that contains various artifacts, as well as some suggestions for prospecting and harvesting.
The place seems infested by constructs, too:

As I understand the process, one gathers various items using the two customized HUDs in the Expedition Toolkit from a variety of locations throughout Caledon. One then combines those items in particular ways at the workbenches scattered between the two airships in order to craft other items. One may be able to trade certain materials or goods with the Avarian traders for other...stuff.

This entire expedition has obviously involved a great deal of labor from many people, and is quite intriguing. Perhaps I have a short attention span, but I became frustrated with the time the process was taking: traveling to various locations, waiting for things to rez fully, searching out items for which to dig, all the while wondering what the universe of possible items might be. Back on the airships, at one of the workstations, I always seemed to need additional items. The introductory notes suggest that there are additional layers to the quest, some of which are available now and some that may be available in the future. I will be going back to try my luck again, but I wonder if I will be the patience to see the quests through. If so, I will report on my further progress.

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