Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fat Tuesday

My typist has always loved New Orleans. Not to live there - it's dirty, hot and humid, crime-ridden, and has nonstop tourists in the interesting spots - but visiting for a few days is always a treat. A fattening treat, true, but a treat nonetheless. Sadly, the Jamesons have not been to the city in a number of years as other destinations have been a higher priority and the convention duties that used to offer "free" airfare and lodging - the quotes are because one actually had to work during the day - have fallen to younger colleagues. Still, the memories linger.

In addition to the great food, the limitless number of places to have a drink (from down and dirty to swanky), and the determination of all involved to have a good time even if it kills them, the city's architecture is like no other's.

Gospel Voom's Fat Tuesday sim really evokes that architecture of the French Quarter. One lands in Jackson Square and the Saint Louis Cathedral.

Cathedral exterior

Cathedral interior

The cleanest one will ever see Bourbon Street

No ride to Desire, but the St. Charles Street line runs here

Wrought iron, hanging baskets, brightly-painted houses and shutters

What would a trip be without beignets at the Cafe du...Gos?

Other than the near complete lack of people - which may be a good thing some days - the main thing keeping Fat Tuesday from evoking New Orleans even more is the lack of dirt and cockroaches everywhere, along with the absence of a need to dodge random piles of vomit in the streets and gutters.

Another beignet, anyone?

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