Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Take a Carousel Ride

Miss Astrofiammante Seminario and Mr. Random Merryman were kind enough to rent a carousel ride for a week and place it on their Cape Wrath property. Naturally, this was waving a red flag at a bull; I had to try it.

Step right up, folks...

A horseback view

Do I ride a horse, or a more sedate form of transportation?

The carousel begins to revolve

Selecting my steed, I climbed aboard and the ride started. I clung to the arab for dear life.

I try to hang on

Oh my, that took me back a few years!


Astrofiammante said...

Madam, thank you for your kind words.

If a good friend like yourself (if we may make so bold) has found the diversion entertaining, then the whole endeavour has been worthwhile!


Rhianon Jameson said...

My typist's stomach is not entirely certain it enjoyed the experience - no, let me be bolder and say that I was surprised at the degree of motion sickness one could achieve by watching something on a monitor - but the rest of the body did indeed find it entertaining.