Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The McLaglen-Noonan Garden Museum

Miss Zombielady McLaglen and Mr. Nerk Noonan have combined forces to present a unique type of museum. The McLaglen-Noonan Garden Museum, in Caledon Cay, takes as its inspiration some of the great paintings from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts.

The tranquil garden setting includes this grand piano, set before a waterfall.

Rather than merely replicate the "real world" paintings, this museum pairs a painting from the Boston museum with a photograph of an in-world subject inspired by the painting.

The entrance to the museum.

As Mr. Noonan says: " In some cases the connection [between the paired painting/photograph] will be obvious; in others the connection is more subtle."

"Portrait of a Mystery Woman," by Nerk Noonan.

Each painting/photograph pair also contains an information button, which dispenses a notecard. The notecard provides details on both the painting and the accompanying photograph, including the model (if known).

Monet's "Field of Poppies" paired with Noonan's "Zee in a Field of Flowers"

Though I am no artist, I find the idea quite intriguing.

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