Thursday, May 21, 2009

Innocence and I Find a Tunnel

I stopped in Port Babbage to see a collection of artwork entitled "Innocence", located on the second floor of the SteamFunk shop. There, I had the privilege of meeting the artist, Miss Mare Brown, and we chatted for a bit about her work. Though not a large collection, the pictures reflect a certain whimsical approach to the subject: a large cat wearing a yellow dress, sitting in an attic, hungrily eying birds flying above; a wolf, dressed in white, evoking Little Red Riding Hood; a huge owl watching a woman whose drawers have fallen down.

After seeing the exhibit, I wandered down the streets of Babbage, and encountered a tunnel. I could hardly resist seeing where it went - which turned out to be the workshop of Mr. TriloByte Zanzibar. His sign was not entirely reassuring:

Have you ever wanted a pirate ship in your basement? Mr. Zanzibar has one:

Lest someone remonstrate me for entering a private home, let me assure one and all that I merely followed a tunnel and this is where it took me.

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