Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Porthgwidden Manor

Mr. Merryman and Miss Seminario finished their house in Cape Wrath - at least, as well as any house can be finished; as any homeowner can attest, once one project is finished another starts up. They call it The Glasshouse at Porthgwidden Manor.

Although I am not in the habit of surveying private residences, I thought this one was sufficiently out of the ordinary to comment upon. Victorian in concept, yet forward-looking.

And with a Tesla tower in the neighborhood, no difficulties running all the modern conveniences!

The Googles tell me that the name likely comes from a spot in Cornwall, but I imagine Cornwall has seen nothing quite like this structure.


Andy said...

Miss J, you must warn us next time - we would have put the kettle on (well, samovar actually, but who's quibbling?) and fired up the waltz balls on the roof.

I remain yours, etc

Astrofiammante said...

Madam, rest assured that you are a most welcome visitor at any time you care to call. We are mortified that we were not at home to entertain you. Tea, absinthe, Scrabble poseballs and (we hope) good conversation await your next visit.

Porthgwidden is indeed Cornish; the railway has in recent years reached a most charming little retreat and artists' colony named St Ives in the far west of that county.

The resort will, in later years, come to boast no fewer than five beaches in or near its bounds. They are posh Porthminster, wild Porthmeor, The Harbour, neighbouring Carbis Bay - and Porthgwidden, right on the tip of a natural peninsula known as The Island.

More here:,_Cornwall

Rhianon Jameson said...

Miss Seminario, Mr. Merryman, I thank you for the invitation, as well as the information. I confess that I set up my photographic equipment to take those daguerreotypes at the same time I enjoyed the carousel while it was in town. I will most certainly barge in - er, stop by - in the near future.