Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Stepford Girlfriends

Thanks to the wide-traveling Emilly Orr, I found myself exploring the town of Stepford.

Despite its bucolic appearance from the highway, and a decidedly 1950s-style Nelson-family billboard welcoming the visitor to town, Stepford is not exactly the sort of place where one might take the family for vacation.

Someone has a sense of humor with respect to the sign

No indeed, if you take your wife, you might find her on the menu:

I'll take the rump roast, please

I'm not quite sure what the association with the Ira Levin novel might be (I didn't stay around long enough to become friendly with the locals, for what I hope are obvious reasons), but my recollection was that neither the book nor the movie had this kind of butcher shop in it:

Where is the Department of Sanitation when you really need it?

All of these sims that involve extreme levels of violence seem to direct that violence toward women. The degree of misogyny is more than a little disturbing.

Eyes on the prize

Even the seemingly innocent-looking diner has some interesting cuts on the menu.

"Cab, please? I want to get out of town before dinner."

The whole thing is really quite silly. I can't fathom why I would want to roleplay being cooked and eaten. And in any event, it makes a sequel somewhat difficult. (Although I'm reminded of the joke about the heroic three-legged pig, whose punch line is: "Well, you wouldn't eat a brave pig like that all at once, now, would you?") (And, in fact, I did see one lady there on crutches, her right leg missing. I did not ask if her guests found it to be delicious.) I quite agree with Miss Orr that it's even sillier to try to quarrantine these kinds of places and limit access to those with "adult" privileges. Stepford is in horribly bad taste - uh, no pun intended - and quite hateful in its attitude toward women, but the sim owners certainly provide fair warning for what one is getting into.

My suggestion is that, if Stepford is on the menu, just skip the meal.

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