Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Ponder the Impossible

There are days when I look at another avatar and want to cry, because I can't get the details right. I've tried prim lashes, prim nails, different shapes...some people just have a knack for figuring out what works.

Then there are days when I feel pretty good about myself. Days when I meet an avatar and wonder "What was she thinking?" Ladies and gentlemen, meet: Miss Lusinda Xue.

It's Second Life, so no one has to go for realism but...what was she thinking?


Darien Mason said...

I have two guesses...two big guesses...

Rhianon Jameson said...

As you are a man of impeccable taste, I cannot imagine you find that attractive, Dr. Mason. (And any interest is purely scientific.) Perhaps she is active in the NPIRL group? Or, at the very least, the Not-a-Good-Idea-in-Real-Life group?

Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...



*ponders whether the typist behind the AV is actually female*

*Closes the browser before his eyes burn*

Rhianon Jameson said...

Yes, it does leave some rather unpleasant retinal scarring. I could take it down, but in a few days it will scroll off the main page and thereafter be visible only to those so unfortunate to be searching the archived posts.

And it's no excuse if the typist is male. Heck, it's no excusive if the typist is an adolescent male - get a grip son, and not on those things!

Anonymous said...

Different strokes for different folks you jackass...people have a right to express themselves how they so feel why not remember this is secondlife and that you must be hideous in your own life if your here trying to make yourself look better...tell me what you think is better..i love secondlife critics if we were all the same what a boring game this would be and how bout being careful about using peoples names and avatars without there permission i think there is an issue with that hmmmm :D

Rhianon Jameson said...

Ah, the range of emotions that this comment invokes, M. Anonymous.

I'm delighted that someone is reading a post that is nearly two years old.

I'm happy to have you express a contrary opinion, sir or madam. Indeed, human tastes vary widely, and one's cup of poison may be another's cup of tea. If over-developed mammary glands are your Earl Grey, then God bless you. Seek and ye may find.

I'm less than delighted at the anonymity of the comment. It strikes me that anonymity often gives permission for individuals to behave in a less-civilized manner than they would were a name - any name, really - attached to the comment. Anonymity gives rise to comments that are sometimes best expressed in the privacy of one's room, where one's internal editor need not be invoked. In my opinion, that is.

What rankles me, however, is the ad hominum style of argumentation. In my experience, people often resort to such attacks when they lack a sound logical foundation for their views. In this case, I find it particularly odd, as we are, after all, talking of a matter of taste, where logical reasoning has nothing to do with one's opinion. Hence the need to debase one's self by name-calling is puzzling.

Finally, with reference to the last part of the last run-on sentence, is there a suggestion that the Blogger (or Google) Terms of Service prohibits my posting of a picture I took myself, identifying the subject with a publicly-available avatar name from a third-party service? If so, I'd appreciate a pointer to the relevant part of the Google ToS. If not, such a veiled threat seems entirely inappropriate.