Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ah, Vanity!

Having realized a little belatedly that I neglected a Journal entry this morning, I decided to succumb to my vanity and create something on the fly, rambling on about random topics. (The pictures are from the beautiful sim Unintended Water.)

Item 1: Sister Kathy wasn't exaggerating when she said how hard the Octoberville hunt is. Of course, it helped considerably when I learned that objects could be found off the ground. I still haven't found something, or done something, that will activate the names of twenty or so objects in the HUD that are still just a series of question marks. And I'm guessing that this is related to the fact that I've found at least a dozen objects that I cannot pick up. It's fascinating, but frustrating as well.

Item 2: My typist is in the middle of reading Tender Morsels, by Margo Lanagan. It's a reworking of the Snow White/Rose Red fairy tale (not to be confused with the Snow White that has a bunch of cheerful short people whistling "Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go!") The book is fabulously well-written, but it's appalling that the book is marketed to young teens, as it begins with a sex-in-the-haystacks scene, moves on to a description of incest between a father and his pubescent daughter, then features a gang rape scene. (If any teens are reading this, I realize I might have set off a small stampede to the bookstore. It's not as titillating as all that, though.) I'm not a book banner, by any means, but it does strike me that a well-informed book buying populace is a good thing, as it allows parents to make those kind of choices for their children. Labeling the book as Young Adult might not have been the wisest of publishing decisions.

Item 3: All indications are that my typist's place of business will be relocating shortly, to a part of the city that will increase almost everyone's commute and is less desirable in terms of amenities. I trust that whoever made that decision understands that our compensation went down and will not be surprised when, for example, the agency has trouble hiring people of the caliber it has become used to. Ah well, as the saying goes, nothing is permanent except change. Now how many more days until retirement?

Someone left this lovely piano out in the middle of nowhere. I hope it doesn't rain!

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