Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Giverny Ghost Hunt

The beautiful Ville de Giverny has suddenly become infested with ghosts! These are, I am assured, sensitive, artistic types, and not the haunt-you-to-suicide sort.

Nonetheless, Miss Kaye Robbiani, in an effort to make the best of the situation, has announced a Ghost Hunt. With prizes!

Miss Robbiani writes:
There have been several ghost sightings in the village recently. It appears that many of the artists who lived in Giverny at one time or another, or people who were related to them, have come to pay us a visit this month. But who are they all?

Well, if you see them, ask them! They won't tell you outright, though, but they will give you hints (in the form of a notecard). Deciphering the hints and identifying the spirits may take a bit of research. (Hey, I never said it would be easy!)

When you think you know who they are, return the attached notecard to me, with their names on it. All entries which have correctly identified at least 5 ghosts will be awarded a L$250 gift certificate for any of the stores on Ville de Giverny. Also, all entries who correctly identify 8 or more ghosts will be entered into a drawing to win a L$5000 shopping spree!

It may take some hunting and patience to encounter all of the ghosts. While most of them seem to have a favorite haunt, there are a few who wander about. You sort of have to be in "the right place at the right time" to see them.

I encountered five of the creatures, and heard their pitiful stories. Some, such as the chap in the first picture above, are hard to miss. Others, such as the lady directly above, are more ethereal.

One thing is for certain: ghost hunting is hard work. I deserve a cup of tea and a croissant, non?

The Ghost Hunt began Oct. 10 and runs through the 31st.

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