Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lady Disdain

Lady Disdain, Miss Emilly Orr's shop in the Black Sand Beach sim, is having a hunt, in honor of what I would hazard a guess is Miss Orr's favorite season.

I have written unflatteringly about hunts in the past, and have personally sworn off them. (As with the weather, this determination is subject to change Without Prior Notice.) Indeed, I must spend some time in the not-too-distant future trying to extract dear Sister from the insane asylum, to which she was taken after suffering a breakdown somewhere beneath the surface in Octoberville. She was muttering, "Must find...teleport maze...tiny condom...lag, lag everywhere" over and over. But I digress.

Miss Orr created bats as the object of the hunt, placed them in a relatively confined area, and made them large enough to spot with the naked eye. If that were not enough, the bats glow slightly. (One bat may be seen above my head in the picture above.) The prizes - mainly eyes and animations - may be purchased for extremely modest sums.

Other items available for purchase are displayed along the walls, as is an assortment of Victorian erotica. I look forward to seeing what Miss Orr ultimately displays on the other walls.

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