Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bentham Forest

Bentham Forest, described as "a collaborative effort of Andrek Lowell and Lauren Bentham," is an eerie, darkness-infused forest that also contains several "quests" - hunts for objects, really - for the observant visitor.

Is that tree stump screaming? Is that an enormous spider, or just a collection of fallen branches? Hard to tell.

Okay, that's no coincidence. The fungi have faces!

Sinister eyes peek out at the hapless visitor.

And here we have the Pumpkin family - an evil-looking bunch if I do say so.

I found exactly one quest object in roughly a half hour of exploration, so it is no easy task to complete them all. The obsessive may enjoy the quests more than the more laid-back explorer. For the rest of us, soaking up the rich atmosphere and lush design is reward enough.

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