Monday, October 5, 2009

Boobie Ball - Winterfell After Dark

(Continued from here.) Depending on one's employer's attitude toward seeing pixels in the flesh (as opposed to pixelated flesh), this one might not be entirely Safe for Work. Then again, some employers need to Get a Grip.

Determined to raise as much money for breast cancer research as possible, dedicated participants offered to remove articles of clothing for donations. This kind of exhibitionism devotion to a cause is what brings a community together.

Setting an example for the rest of us, Lady Eva lost her blouse early in the process:

Frau Lowey and Baron Wulfenbach mastered the art of removing articles of clothing while continuing to dance:

Dame Kira followed suit, though her expression says she might not be certain how appropriate this is for a Knight of Caledon:

Miss Alana Steamweaver and Miss Mollie Baxton do their part to reduce lag:

Meanwhile, a shy Mr. Roy Smashcan graciously offers, for an appropriate donation, to show us his bare toes:

The donation pot finally rose to the point where Miss Anansi was willing to show us her elfin charms:

Frau Lowey and Jarl Otenth Paderborn, both in silks of, ah, very different types:

If the total reached L$100,000, the Whybrows jointly decided to dance au natural. It did, so they did, and the lovely couple spun around the room {begin product placement} wearing nothing but Mr. Whybrow's jewelry from Sparkle of Sound, available at the flagship location in South End, or wherever fine jewelry is sold {end product placement}:

Another L$10,000 induced Mr. Library, Sir JJ Drinkwater, to strip to his tattoos:

I hope both Mssrs. Drinkwater and Whybrow appreciate the strategic angles of the shots, as there are still Things My Readers are Not Meant to Know.
Even shy Rhianon got into the spirit of things. Last year, nerves got the better of me, and I stayed stubbornly fully clad. This year, well...

Other pictures are available on Lady Eva's Flickr stream, and, no doubt, still others will pop up as blackmail as time goes by.


Miss D Ember said...

Huzzah, I say!! Only sorry I had to leave so early. One of my favorite events and I'm glad someone posted nice pictures.

Rhianon Jameson said...

Thank you, Miss Ember! Though you might be the first to call them "nice" pictures. :)