Friday, October 23, 2009

A New Direction for Kintyre

The Duchy of Kintyre has changed hands (again, one might add), with Miss Autopilotpatty Poppy ceding the duchy to Mr. Planter Leitner and his wife, Elisabeth.

The Leitners are artistic people, as one can see from the bust below:

(That's Sting, isn't it? :) )

His Grace Kintyre had provided a letter of introduction on the Steamlander Forums, and describes the interests of the Leitners as:

"- 18th and 19th Century interpretations of Shakepeare. It was during this period that accounts of his life went completely out of control, and he became the legend he is today
- The Shakespeare identity question
- The Fact and Truth about the American frontier and whether anyone even knows the difference any more"

(Ah, so perhaps the bust is not of Sting. Who knew?)

And what good duchy would be complete without some scandal in the family? His Grace described his disgraced younger brother, "Giordano Chrome, [who] will be exploring themes of fact and fiction related to alchemy in the basement of the summer cottage."

Prior to coming to Caledon, the Leitners were (and are) very involved in Deadwood, including the Deadwood libraries. See here for a description of the Deadwood OOC library and its current exhibit on the real-life counterparts to Deadwood characters - including the Leitners.

I do so love the theater. Perhaps I could suggest putting Shakespeare to music. Those Gilbert and Sullivan chaps are quite popular, and perhaps this would help the Bard of Avon's reputation.


Planter said...

How kind of you to visit and take such flattering pictures, Miss Jameson. Elisabeth and I are so happy to be here, as is our token urchin, Miss Vita, whose cottage you showed in such pretty light. We're unpacked a bit since; the main building, which despite its size we call the summer cottage, now has an '1878 room' which consists of items that someone would have had in their public library up to and including 1878 (but nothing later) I first assembled it to help myself and other folks in Deadwood think like they lived in 1878. But it's interesting to reflect on what's there and imagine this is exactly what folks knew then. We're also slowly setting out drinks and decorations at a pub, The Time Lock, dedicated to a marvelous and underappreciated technology, time locks.

I've also unpacked some books in the Shakspere Room. More to come. I like the music idea very much. I also feel awful about the confusion regarding the bust of Mr. Sting and the 'fields of gold' he is surrounded by and agree a better label is warranted!

Finally, I don't know anything about Giordano's basement, but there's some alchemical art in there and room for books. I don't think he's unpacked them yet.

Again, thanks for visiting.

Rhianon Jameson said...

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings, Mr. Leitner!

I shall have to visit the 1878 room - in the Steamlands, of course, people generally cobble together house furnishings with little regard to historical accuracy, a combination of eccentricity, panache, and, in my case, utter laziness and unwillingness to do the necessary research! Having a period room seems like an excellent educational device, and taking it out of Deadwood allows it to be appreciated by those who would prefer not to engage in immersive roleplay.