Monday, October 12, 2009

Caledon Highlands - Museum of Resident Art & Aobhach House

When Miss Fauve Aeon announced that she was selling Aobhach House, I realized I had not been in the Highlands for some time.

If memory serves, Aobhach House (from the Gaelic, meaning "joyous," or "cheerful") was one of the first places I encountered in Caledon many moons ago. I had set the controls of an experimental teleportation device to the Highlands, as I thought the area might remind me of the High Country back in New Alba.

I love the level of detail on the doors and windows.

While I was in the Highlands, I stopped by Mr. Carl Metropolitan's Museum of Resident Art.

This impressive structure has several floors filled with art - principally paintings and photographs - of all styles.

Below, the piece in the lower right-hand corner has an interesting three-dimensional effect to it.

Mr. Metropolitan has quite the eclectic collection!

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