Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pelazzi-Steamweaver Partnering

On Sunday evening, an announcement came across ISC chat of a gathering in the Aft Commons of Steam Sky City to celebrate the partnering of Miss Kitsuko Pelazzi and Miss Alana Steamweaver. Miss Pelazzi and Miss Steamweaver are perhaps best known for their establishment Here and Hereafter, in which one can arrange for a Tarot reading, or purchase Steamland-themed Tarot cards.

This reporter could not long remain at the dance, as her typist was still a bit under the weather (and, as an aside, why is that? Was I ill? No! Yet I had to suffer the consequences. Pother.). I stopped by for a few moments to wish the couple much happiness.

Left to right: Miss Steamweaver, Miss Pelazzi, Miss Darlingmonster Ember:

Below, Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann, also known as Mr. and Mrs. Rockandroll Michigan (KateLynn Inglewood). Mr. Michigan manned the Victrola.

The happy couple:

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