Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Erie Isle

Erie Isle describes itself as "a tiny coastal island struggling under a curse" and "isolated since a 1938 massacre." It's a spooky (does anyone sense a theme for many of the past week's posts?) RP environment

From the Erie Isle Aetherweb site: "Erie Isle is a tiny island which was largely abandoned a number of years ago. Once a vacation spot, it was almost completely abandoned when Gaston P. Muircastle, the chairman of a large pharmaceutical company, murdered his wife, five children, and then himself in the mansion overlooking the highest spot on the island. Rumors quickly spread through the town that the mansion, and indeed the entire island, was haunted. Changes started to happen to its physical surrounding, rents fell, people stopped coming, and eventually the town began a long slide into darkness. And other ...things... started to move in and establish control. Humans still live on the island and work towards bettering it, blissfully unaware of the dangers that lurk in the shadows... until it is, for some of them, too late."

Dr. Tesla Steampunk was bold enough to brave a visit to the island. For an island cut off since 1938, it certainly has some modern-looking vehicles!

The good doctor met a nice young man who warned him of a murderer on the loose. "Thank you, my good chap, but I always travel armed. One never knows about these dicey ports of call." The nice young man left, only to return...transformed into a wild-eyed creature. The creature had retained at least a semblance of sanity, however, as a a few warning shots drove it away. (That scene did occur, more or less as described. Vistor, beware: you may think you're not involved in the RP, but that may not be entirely accurate.)

It's a picturesque little town, with many of the standard trappings of eerie RP: church, cemetery, scary empty warehouse.

However, the managers actively guide the RP, and the area spans three sims, and thus a number of separate activities could take place simultaneously.

I'd venture a guess that the sailors on that vessel will have to find another way to get home. Dr. Steampunk, why so glum?

"Because, m'dear, I'm afraid that was my passage home. I hope the natives here are friendly."


Breezy Carver said...

Oh how facinating Miss Rhianon . I do admit The Sims do seem to be calling.. I must visit soon !!
((odd how that works ..don't you think ? grins )

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Great timing R - I was only looking at the Erie website yesterday and wondering if a) I should visit, and b) I should join in.

Alas, I fear I am too busy in both RL & my very limited SL time to seriously consider it... for now :)

Rhianon Jameson said...

Ah, Miss Breezy, you understand the wanderlust! So many fascinating places, so little time...

HBA - It's an interesting spot, very atmospheric, with RP possibilities. And the managers are either very welcoming or a little pushy, depending on your point of view (one of my alts had a lovely chat regarding a Mad Scientist role; I received a notecard after my visit). That said, the population wasn't high either visit. Perhaps RP takes place with people in different time zones, so some of the "action" is taking place on an Aetherweb site somewhere, a la your adventures in Steelhead. Hard to tell.