Monday, October 19, 2009

Caledon Harvest Festival

I peeked into the Caledon Harvest Festival on a crisp Friday afternoon.

Miss Eleanor Anderton set up several entertainments, including this maze:

After twisting through spooky corridors, I found my way out, to examine the rest of the entertainments on the midway.

Here is an intruiging little game. Click on the bars, with the goal of having all nine raised at the same time. The first round is easy: each bar controls itself. The subsequent rounds are not as straightforward, as clicking on one bar might raise a second bar while lowering a third. Fiendish!

I bobbed for apples...

...and then consulted the crystal ball.

Some crystal ball! I first asked it, "Will I be married?" It answered: "No." Goodness gracious, I wasn't asking to walk down the aisle tomorrow! I then asked, "Will I meet a nice gentleman?" Again, it answered: "No." Stuck with the losers...

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