Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Autumn Walking Tours

As part of the Caledon Harvest Festival, Miss Eleanor Anderton arranged two walking tours to celebrate the season: a "Painted by Nature" tour, highlighting the lovely colors one finds in nature this time of year; and a "Drawn by Spirits" tour, highlighting the spookier aspects of the season. Of course, the two are not mutually exclusive.

Far too many citizens participated than I could do justice to, so I shall highlight a few sites I particularly enjoyed, starting with St. Blaine Church, in Brigadoon:

In my own area of the Downs, we have Grandma's Graphics, featuring the ghosts of Victoria and Albert, and a looming Cheshire Cat.

Mr. Tryst Doune's property in Caledon Downs has the most unusual-colored pumpkins:

I wandered the maze on Mr. Carl Metropolitan's Mayfair property:

Here is a lovely autumn setting at PIENSL Information Competencies (I don't know what that is, either), also in Mayfair:

Still in Mayfair, Mr. Xeriko Melnick's Thirteen is a lovely spooky, swampy treat:

Dean Fogwoman Gray has her own maze - complete with her own special bunny - in the Moors. The door below might not appear to lead anywhere, but appearances can be deceiving:

The latest Rothesay duke, Mr. Thadicus Caligari, shows off a nice patch of autumn:

Finally, in Wellsian, I stretch out on a blanket at Adocentyn Tower. I'm not sure I want to bob for apples in the green goop inside that cauldron.

As I noted above, these are only a sampling of the properties on the tour, and already my feet are tired!

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