Sunday, October 4, 2009

Boobie Ball - The Family-Friendly Edition

I made it in-world for the second of the two Boobie Balls on Saturday, in Winterfell, and I'm glad I was able to do so. Not only did we raise over L$100,000 for breast cancer research (and more than US$1000 over the two days), but a good time was had by all. As the next post may show.

This post, however, will be the more family-friendly (or work safe) of the two, as everyone started dressed to the height of propriety. Um. Strike that. At least everything was covered. Mostly.

Organizers Miss Serra Anansi (foreground) and Miss Eva Bellambi (background, with pasties and top hat), along with Miss Hypatia Callisto:

Miss Darlingmonster Ember:

Miss Annechen Lowey and Baron Klaus Wulfenbach:

From left to right: Miss Alana Steamweaver, Miss Bellambi, Miss Anansi:

Knights of Caledon, Sir Podruly Peccable and Dame Kiralette Kelley, looking very prim and proper. For now.

Newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Alastair Whybrow (the former Garnet Psaltery):

Miss Anansi and Sir JJ Drinkwater:

Me, in pink, and fully clad:

Duchess Gabrielle Riel, who provided burlesque- and cabaret-themed music through Radio Riel:

Miss Stormy Mefusula, who is the organizer of RL Boobiethon:

A wide-angle view of the dance floor in Winterfell:
Although I neglected to do a crowd count, the two sims (as the picture above shows, the dance floor was split across a sim boundary) remained fairly full throughout the hour and a half event. Despite that, lag was not terrible, as most guests took to heart the hostesses' gentle suggestion to consider ARC in choosing hair, clothing, and accessories.


Mako Magellan said...

No doubt many avidly await your further disclosure, Miss Jameson.

Eva Bellambi said...

So glad you were able to join us, Miss Jameson!

Thank you for your words and - ahem - family friendly photos.

Most sincerely,

Rhianon Jameson said...

"Many"? In my wildest dreams, Mr. Magellan! Nonetheless, no tease, I. Two posts seemed the right way to do it - just in case someone might be offended by, say, bare toes. :)

You're most welcome, Lady Eva, and I'm so glad I could get to at least one of the balls. They're a chance to let one's hair - or, in this case, perhaps corset would be more appropriate - down for a good cause. And what wasn't family-friendly? Those pasties of yours? Pish. :)

Eva Bellambi said...

Twas all family friendly. Was primarily taking a dig at myself, since I was not so kind as you were to place this into two posts. :)

Wonderful pictures in both!!


p.s. referring to the R-rated post...I am nothing if not an early adopter. *grins* All for the cause!!

Serra Anansi said...

beautiful accounting of the events, thank you so much for coming and sharing that wonderful night!

Rhianon Jameson said...

Thank you for the kind words, Miss Serra! I had a wonderful time.

Now, why is it that everyone has commented on this post, and not the subsequent one? Is no one willing to admit reading "Winterfell After Dark," or does the blame lie with restrictive policies at everyone's place of employment? :)