Friday, January 9, 2009

Caledon Libraries, Part 1

Things change. Perhaps things change in Caledon a little more slowly than elsewhere, but, still, one can wake up one day and find a familiar spot changed completely.

I had reflected on that some time ago, when Mr. Drinkwater made an ominous announcement during ISC chat regarding the potential sale of some library properties. I hastened to memorialize all the ones I could find, lest I would later regret not doing so after one or more branches had passed into history.

Victoria City is blessed with (at least) three library properties: the flagship Whitehorn Memorial Library, seen below from the exterior...

...and interior.

Victoria City is also blessed with a reading room. Again, the exterior...

...and interior.

More recently, the city has become host to a library branch that houses the steampunk collection - appropriately, contained on a floating airship skeleton, moored to the ground by a stout steel cable:

Parts 2 and 3 will explore the other areas of Caledon that are blessed with library branches. Whilst delivery of desired volumes is rapid no matter how remote one's corner of the nation, proximity to a branch is always helpful, lest one resort to the delivery method of Mr. Veritable Quandry: a trebuchet.

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