Monday, January 19, 2009

Lost in Metaphysical Unreality

"Ground control to Major Tom..."

Don't you hate when this happens to you? You're flying along merrily, trying to find out what has changed in Caledon prime, and flying over Westmoreland, when a sim crossing takes you out of known reality altogether.

I was locked out of the grid, and Kathy was making do by flying her Steamray from Steam Sky City to Caledon prime, to Westmoreland and Atlantis Rising, and back to Caledon, when disaster struck.

She sent this dispatch from her watery tomb at "Caledon 1287,197,4," however improbable that sounds. Steam is still emitting from the engines, but the controls do not respond. Thus far, the seals are holding, preventing water from getting in. Nonetheless, unless the situation improves, things don't look good.

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