Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekend Dances

I'll let Kathy write this one:

The weekend is the time to let one's hair down, so to speak, and socialize. I'll confess that almost everyone else in the planet is better at it than I am.

Winterfell had its Winter Dance, at Taure En Lor, hosted by Miss Emilly Orr (below, center):

Seneshelf Serra Anansi dances in the foreground:

The same day, the Caledon Crown Colony of Magellan held a Winter Lights Ball at the Marzipan Tearoom. Below, Duke Mako Magellan, Miss Emilly Orr, and Miss Mitsu Figaro dance:

Miss Petronella Piers and Mr. Magellan dance:

And the wallflower is there, at least briefly.

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