Thursday, January 29, 2009


Gotham...the name evokes the dark side of a great metropolis, as well as some memorable inhabitants: the Caped Crusader, Alfred the butler, Commissioner Gordon, and a host of flamboyant criminal masterminds.

Gotham City is also one of Caledon's closest neighbors - geographically, if not thematically - lying just west of Cavendish. (In fact, I was greeted with a "Hello Caledonian lady" by a nice gentleman whose title was "Goon." I'll hazard a guess that I wasn't the first visitor from our fair land.) Above, residents in planning mode. Below, I consider making a withdrawal.

It appears that the residents are still putting the finishing touches on the city, but they are already gearing up for heavy-duty roleplay. Visitors are requested to wear an "observer" tag, and one may apply for a particular role. Below, a political advertisement. Don't you hate it when politicians wrap themselves in the flag?

Here I am, captured by the forces of darkness, who are preparing to interrogate me. Does anyone have a copy of the Geneva Conventions?

Gotham City has a big jail cell, too, as though they wanted to be prepared for a big roundup of criminals. Hey, let me out! The bit about the bank "withdrawal" was just a joke!

As it turns out, one has to be careful. Gotham Island is also a dark, gritty urban environment. Some of its denizens are costumed. But that's where the similarity ends. Below, a street shot of Gotham Island.

That doesn't look very comfortable!

Hmm, I like dancing. Perhaps I should apply for a job? Oh, that kind of dancing! Never mind.

I particularly liked the concept of "Elite Thursdays." Elite members can have their way with anyone on the island (other than other Elite members - gotta have standards). Um. Well, isn't that special. I thanked my luck that I visited on a Wednesday.

To each his own style of roleplaying. Me? I hightailed it back to the Jameson Home for Incurable Flirts and Gossips, and brewed a soothing cup of tea. Then added just a splash of it to a large glass of Tennessee sipping whiskey.

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