Monday, January 12, 2009

A Job for Someone Else

Here's a thought: so much has happened in a few short years in Caledon, as well as related areas, such as Winterfell, that people should get together and parcel out chapters of a "Realm of the Roses" history. Surely there are a great many good stories to share (the Guv occasionally will relate one, I've heard some on ISC chat, read some on various Aetheric Journals, and Miss Riel and Co. have related some on Voices in the Machine), with pictures from "long ago" - way back in aught-six or -seven.

Not to be too navel-gazing, but such a history would likely be quite interesting, bringing the "newcomers" up to speed. (I keep ordering a "Duchess sandwich" at the local restaurant, but receive nothing but quizzical looks.) Furthermore, splitting up the work would impose relatively few costs on any one person. Solicit contributions from Dame Ordinal on the tram (and firepower, er, projectiles); Her Lyonesse on the early Stewards; Mr. O'Toole or Colonel Somme on Caledonian armed forces; the Volares on Steam Sky City; and so forth. Gossip! Intrigue! Give us all the dirt at which Journals merely hint!

Perhaps the market would be a little too limited, even for today's niche marketing. Ah well, it was a passing thought.


Vivito Volare said...

It may yet be too soon.

Perhaps, when the technology has changed, and people have dispersed, and there is but 5-6 Caledon sims remaining in SL with The rest stretched out across the sea of LL competitors, and Caledonians numbering in the hundred thousands (including alts).

Perhaps then it would be time for a well-researched Caledon Retrospective, or any number of them. It requires distance, and for many now, time does not pass, and Caledon is bigger than The Beatles.

I agree. Recording a few thrice told tales would be a good idea, to retain our analog to the oral tradition.

SL and Caledon will not last forever. Nothing does. If it went tomorrow, who but her citizens would have any idea why she was missed.

Rhianon Jameson said...

Everything in its time, Mr. Volare. If a few folk start making notes and saving those old photos, I'm content to wait. :)