Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wildlife Roam in Oxbridge Caledon

Doesn't quite rhyme, does it? Ah well. In any event, the Guv has loosed on the populace some wildlife. These were all shot - with a camera, silly, though I had given some thought to how I would field-dress some of these creatures and get the remains back to the Downs, whereupon they might become a tasty dinner - in Caledon Oxbridge Village.

A faun:

A badger (calling Mr. Toad!):

A goose in flight (look out below!):

A sssssssnake (does anyone here speak Parceltongue?):

A peacock, strutting his stuff near Thistle Hill:

Of course, these are not the first creatures to be seen in Caledon. Some time earlier, I encountered this chipmunk in Port Caledon:
And this fine example of swine came from Dundee:

One wonders if other creatures are lurking in parts of Caledon. Perhaps some of those nice black kitties from Mondserrat?

In a world with various non-human avatars - penguins and lionesses, foxes and cats, to name but a few - all of whom are sentient beings, one wonders about the dichotomy between the sentient and non-sentient animals. I have the same feeling watching Disney cartoons, where the mouse talks, the duck talks, but the dog is pretty much just a dog. How did that happen? Why is the poor dog the one who gets the short end of the stick?

On the other hand, these creatures are no less chatty than 'bots, and a whole lot cuter.

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