Sunday, January 25, 2009

Caledon On Sea Promenade

Sunday morning, Miss Nicolette Levenque had suggested a promenade through Caledon On Sea, as a method for getting to know one another and the neighborhood.

I arrived late, owing to obligations Elsewhere, but the group had not yet departed the Botanical House. Miss Levenque is on the left, foreground; following clockwise is Mr. Wraith Constantine, me, Miss Nocti Heliosense, and Mr. and Mrs. Taff Nouvelle (Sienna Harris).

Miss Terry Lightfoot also arrived, in a festive outfit.

During the portion of the promenade I was able to attend, we examined a large ship at the dock. There, we were joined by Miss Ger Udimo, below,

as well as young Minko Masala, wearing the same dress as Miss Levenque.

Another picture of Miss Heliosense and Mr. Nouvelle.

Mrs. Nouvelle.

From the dock, we admired Mr. Constantine's tower and castle, so Mr. Constantine kindly invited the group to tour his home and grounds.

I left shortly thereafter, but I can report that Mr. Constantine has a lovely home, with rooms that reflect his many travels. The grounds are spacious, and the island, of course, has unobstructed views in all directions. He has constructed a small sitting area facing west, from which one can enjoy the sunset while sipping a drink.

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