Saturday, January 31, 2009

Port Merrimac

I looked at the map: Blake's Sea stretched out for miles, and it was far from clear that my aircraft had the range to make it across. Still, when Mr. O'Toole said that the Fleet of Wrath Exiles had a new home in Roatan, I thought I should attempt the journey.

The craft was panting a little, and the fuel gauge stuck on "E," when I made it across the sea. There it was: Port Merrimac, with two ironclads in port!

Several members of the fleet were still putting the finishing touches on the port - plywood was everywhere! - so I did not linger. I refueled at the ZATZai airstrip and made the return journey

One of my pet peeves about the grid in general, and Nautilus/Blake's Sea/the USS sims is no exception, is that there are few places to rez an object. No one likes litter cluttering the landscape and eating prims, but it would be nice to be able to rez an airship, or boat, or donkey-pulled cart without having to hunt for some kind soul who left build permissions on. Perhaps a convention could be that, say, the northwest corner of a sim allows rezzing objects, with a relatively quick autoreturn.

Otherwise, one day I'll be sending out an SOS from an uncharted spot in the ocean, having misjudged the headwinds and run out of fuel...


Hotspur O'Toole said...

The USS and the Lindens are working out an arrangement (slowly) about rezzing objects and such in Blakes. I know that the large, long side of the dock (for tall ships) is now or soon will be a "rez spot" for casual yachters. The USS area, and particularly the lands of the Autarch Asturias, have come under fire from anti-JLA griefers quite a bit lately, so the most stringent security measures must be followed, at least until that crowd of unfortunates gets bored and leaves.

If you join (temporarily) the Port Merrimac group you see in my profile, you may be able to rez ships, at least in Roatan which borders the vast expanse of Blakes.

Last night we rezzed ships and sailed clear across Blakes through Nautilus. It was quite an epic journey, not to be missed.

Rhianon Jameson said...

Thank you for the suggestion, Mr. O'Toole!

I realize it's a delicate problem, because yahoos abuse the privilege, leading to litter at best and griefing at worst. I like the idea of a small area to rez things - it's easier to monitor and clean up than an entire sim, I suppose. And it's no good wishing people would behave themselves. :)