Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Last of Glamorgan?

Barring an unexpected development, the Duchy of Glamorgan will soon cease to exist, as Duke ambiant explains. In four days, the parcel will be subdivided and sold piecemeal. Below is an aerial photograph of the site of the duchy, now located on Rothesay.

The current Duke cites to circumstances for both him and his typist by way of explanation for the sale. I wish him and his typist well. I know he has expressed unhappiness about the current state of affairs regarding SL.

It's interesting that no buyer for an entire duchy has come forward. Perhaps the big landowners are all duchy owners now - certainly the Openspace sim shakeout has caused a major rearrangement of duchies, and has led to the Volares staking out the "old" Glamorgan (now Caer Firnas), Miss Ilsa Munro purchasing Loch Avie (Duchess Ilsa! And to think I knew her back when...), the Nachts purchasing Cafall, et cetera. Perhaps people are reluctant to sink that much money into a single area, perhaps the joy in using a title is not what it used to be, perhaps many factors are at work. Still, the changes are a little sad.

And perhaps someone will decide in the next few days that the title Duke (or Duchess) of Glamorgan suits him or her!

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