Monday, January 19, 2009

Rescue in Metaphysical Unreality

Back in-world at last, I quickly readied the Hangover One and hastened to Caledon prime. My instruments detected the Steamray only 18 meters away from where I landed - but I could not see the craft. The waters were crystal clear, so visibility should not have been an issue. I concluded that, while Kathy was near in some direction, it was not within the Cartesian plane.

I thought for a time. Perhaps one could solve a metaphysical problem via a rather more pedestrian physical solution. I dropped a sturdy rope over the edge of the airship, and into the chilly waters below. Attached to the rope was a grappling hook. Improbably, I felt the hook grab on to something, making a metallic clink as it bit.

I reversed the propellers and dropped ballast. The engines whined in protest, and the pressure gauge was all the way in the red zone. The controls shook in my hand, but I retained a tight grip. At last, the Steamray rose from the water - or from wherever it had been sitting, back into our world. I eased off the throttle, and the Steamray bobbed gently on the surface.

The hatch opened. A great nest of red hair popped out, and Kathy waved cheerily. "Thank you kindly, sister. It was beginning to get a little chilly and a great deal boring down there."

I bowed. "My pleasure, Miss Jameson. Rescues from alternative dimensions - just a routine little service we provide. Shall we warm up with a little brandy? I think I have the remnants of a bottle at home."

((The oddest thing is how SL reports this sort of mishap on the mini-map. Kathy clearly fell victim to a sim border crossing between Caledon and Caledon II. By the time I got there, she was clearly stuck in a way that seemed permanent - "Stand Up" didn't work, "Take" (the aircraft) didn't work, etc. But SL reported her as a dot on the minimap about a dozen feet above the surface of the water. Naturally, she wasn't visible.)) ((Slightly later edit: I found the aircraft halfway across Caledon II, stopped against a building. Go figure.))


mberenis said...
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Vivito Volare said...

In testing the Cephalaero engine, I discovered the most befuddling phenomena that can befall a pilot occurs when crossing directly through a sim corner. In an instant, four regions completely fail to agree as to which one has you.

I have found myself at 4 million meters up, buried at 000 in one sim, but being told that I am at 000 in another distant sim, and once while heading from SSC at an angle into CaledonII Miss Gray could see me in Caledon Prime, I came to in Penzance, and the craft was returned to me with a nastygram regarding littering from a denizen of Winterfell.

With the continued, eh, progress of the grid, I fear the day will come when such sim crossings land you at Help Island or LLNautilus

Rhianon Jameson said...

Well do I recall the day of that flight, Mr. Volare. I snapped a picture of your craft before it left our galaxy, and we heard your voice continuing to report position updates, even as the lovely and loyal Miss Gray speculated on how she would spend your estate (admittedly, with some encouragement from Yours Truly). My recollection is that a trip to a tropical island and a tanned cabana boy bringing refreshing tropical drinks were her first priorities.

On a more serious note, is there any way to force SL to log out an account? Poor Kathy has been unable to log back in since the incident (thank goodness for alts!), as the system reports that "Login failed. The system is logging you out right now." every time. Perhaps they'll reboot a server one day and finish the process.