Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aether Salon: Corsets, plus: Amour at Auction

The Aether Salon in New Babbage hosted a most interesting lecture by Captain Red Llewellyn on Sunday afternoon. Well-attended as usual, nearly 50 people were on hand to hear Cap'n Red display her knowledge of corsets over the years...2000 of them. (A version of the good captain's talk is available through her Aetheric Journal, complete with diagrams.)

Cap'n Red lectures.

Miss Viv Trafalgar presides, with Captain Maelstorme Smythe conducting the auction afterward.

I listened raptly.

Afterward, the Salon auctioned off the time and services of fifteen worthy ladies and gentlemen, including (below, L to R) Miss Ceejay Writer, Captain Llewellyn, and Mr. ZenRascal Mandelbrot. At far right, er, "Mr." Reghan Straaf in top had and, ah, tail.
The auction was to benefit the Salon and the organization The lovely Miss Canolli Capalini, whose services went for an eye-opening L$1,800.
The auction rules seemed to suggest that any services provided were to be negotiated between the winning bidder and the person auctioned, so propriety forbids me from inquiring further.

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